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The Application Of I-Scan In Radiator Assembly

The heat generated during operation of electronic components with high density and high speed may cause malfunction or destruction of the electronic components. Heat sinks are widely used for heat dissipation. However, whether the heat sink can fully exert its heat dissipation function depends on whether the heat sink is in complete and uniform contact with the connected electronic components. This is a big challenge for both the heat sink and the PCB, because the heat sink itself is hard and due to the mechanical properties, the contact between the heat sink and the electronic components is usually not ideal, so that the heat dissipation function of the heat sink cannot be fully exerted.

The application of I-Scan ultra-thin (0.1mm), matrix high-density pressure sensor can be easily and non-invasively placed on the contact surface of the heat sink and electronic components, the size of the contact area, the contact pressure, and the high contact The pressure area can be displayed on the computer in real time through the software. Through the display and analysis of these data, I-Scan allows you to understand the contact status of the radiator and electronic components, and adjust it in time to finally achieve the purpose of improving heat dissipation.

Graph of test results for heat sink and electronic components (left), with red areas representing areas of high contact pressure. It can be seen from the graphical analysis that the contact between the heat sink and the electronic components is not uniform.

The Application Of I-Scan In Radiator Assembly

  • ● Design Verification Test
  • ● Improve reliability
  • ● New design research and development

The Advantage Of I-Scan In Radiator Assembly

  • ● Improved design
  • ● Reduced verification test time
  • ● Improve product qualification rate (end)

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