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Die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting parts. It is a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold. The metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to a liquid state is poured into the feeding port of the die-casting machine. Die casting, casting copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size limited by the mold, such parts are often called die castings. Die-casting parts are called differently in different places, such as die-casting parts, die-casting parts, die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting zinc parts, die-casting copper parts, copper die-casting parts, zinc die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts Alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.

Die-casting parts can be manufactured as die-casting auto parts, die-casting auto engine pipe fittings, die-casting air-conditioning parts, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder head, die-casting valve rocker arm, die-casting valve seat, die-casting power fittings, die-casting motor end cover, die-casting housing, die-casting pump Shells, die-casting building accessories, die-casting decorative accessories, die-casting guardrail accessories, die-casting wheels and other parts, with the continuous improvement of the development level of the domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of die-casting machines has also been significantly improved, and the types of parts that can be manufactured are also increasing. It has been expanded, and the precision and complexity of die-cast parts have also been greatly improved. I believe that in the near future, die-casting parts will better serve our production and life!

Aluminum Die Casting For Heatsink

Aluminum alloy has low density, but relatively high strength, close to or surpassing high-quality steel, good plasticity, can be processed into various profiles, has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, second only to steel . The specific weight of aluminum alloy is only about 1/3 of that of iron, so it is very important in various industries at present, especially in the lightweight process of aircraft, ships, automobiles, electronic instruments, etc. It plays an indispensable role.

Commonly used are Al-Si-Cu system, common ADC12 (A383), ADC10 (A380) and so on. In addition, there are Al-Si series, Al-Si-Mg series, and Al-Mg series. In addition, what is currently called aluminum-titanium alloy is improved by adding titanium metal to the above materials. Adding titanium metal can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the product.

The Case Studies Of Die Casting Heatsink

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