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8015DC Cooling Fan

ManufacturerWonder Inc
Monthly Output100000PCS/M
Applicable TypeCPU
CertificationISO 9001:2015

It is safer to use fully enclosed electrical isolation; the use of PBT material fan blades has better high temperature resistance, strong wind, and mute effect; it can be used in the inverter cabinet industry.

Name: 8015 DC Fan
Model: DF8015B12L
Product size: 80x80x15MM
Speed: 1800–3600 RPM
Airflow: 20.56–39.07CFM
Pressure: 1.27–4.60mmAq
Noise: 28.9–42.0dBA
Voltage: 12V–48V
Motor: DC brushless external rotor motor
Frame: PBT
Impeller: PBT
Bearing system: high-precision, long-life and low-noise double ball bearings
Insulation: Class A
Operating temperature: -10℃-70℃
Weight: 48g

The Technical Parameter Of 8015 DC Cooling Fan

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