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2510 DC Cooling Fan

With speed regulation function, automatic restart function, positive and negative polarity reverse connection protection, dustproof and moistureproof function. RPM can be as high as 12000. Can be used in the communications industry.

The Technical Parameters Of 2510 DC Fan

Name: 2510 DC Fan
Model: DF2510B05L
Product size: 25x25x10MM
Speed: 6500–12000 RPM
Airflow: 1.31–2.29CFM
Pressure: 2.06–6.34mmAq
Noise: 18.2–24.3dBA
Voltage: 05V–12V
Motor: DC brushless external rotor motor
Frame: PBT
Impeller: PBT
Bearing system: oil-impregnated bearing/double ball bearing
Insulation: Class A
Operating temperature: -10℃-70℃
Weight: 6g

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