Wonder has ISO 9001 certified & developed high-level manufacturing technique in production fields of CPU heatsink & fan,With years of manufacturing experience, our experts offer best solution for all your cpu cooler needs.

17568 Centrifugal Fan

With constant speed function, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise and long life; with waterproof IPX8; using high-quality materials, wear-resistant, soft and lasting color.

The Technical Parameters Of 17568 Centrifugal Fan

Speed: 2000–4400 RPM
Airflow: 246.99–516.43 CFM
Pressure: 18.03–78.83mmAq
Noise: 39.2–73.3dBA
Voltage: 12V–48V
Motor: DC brushless external rotor motor
Frame: Aluminum
Impeller: PA66
Bearing system: double ball bearing
Insulation: Class A
Operating temperature: -10℃-70℃
Weight: 1300g

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