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The Advantage Of CPU Cooler – What Is CPU Cooler?

The CPU cooler is a part that is installed on the CPU to assist the CPU to dissipate heat during operation. According to the difference of heat dissipation medium, it can be divided into two categories: water cooling and air cooling. The latter can also be subdivided into tower cooler, downward blowing cpu cooling heatsink and upward blowing cooling heatsink according to the appearance and the direction of wind flow.

Many people tend to pursue high-performance computers, but often ignore the importance of a small hardware.

Thereby, it also has a certain impact on the performance improvement of the computer and the hardware, that is, the CPU cooling heatsink .

Whether it is a newly assembled computer or a hardware upgrade, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the computer cooling system, and the cooling effect of the CPU cooler is indispensable. But don’t underestimate the role of the CPU cooler, without its cooling effect, no matter how good the hardware is, it is useless.

In other words, the CPU is like the human brain. When the temperature rises in daily life, people are prone to get sick and die. In the same way, if the heat dissipation of the CPU is not good and the temperature rises during use, the CPU is also prone to problems and failures.

To put it simply, the CPU will emit a lot of heat in the process of running, and the temperature will rise at any time. The function of the cooling heatsink is to cool the CPU and all kinds of hardware, and keep the CPU and all kinds of hardware running at a normal temperature at any time, so as to maintain the stability and normality of the computer operation.

Usually, the heat dissipation performance of the cooling heatsink is not good, which may cause the temperature of the CPU to continue to rise, which will trigger the anti-burn program of the CPU, and the computer system will automatically terminate the running commands of various programs. In this case, the computer may experience automatic shutdown or blue screen failure.

If the cooling effect of the cpu cooler cannot be achieved, the computer will continue to start and work. Over time, the probability of the CPU being burned out will greatly increase, and it may even cause damage to various components on the motherboard.

Not only that, it is very important to choose a good CPU cooler.

It is also an important factor to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the computer.

For example, dusting the cpu cooler, or regularly replacing the silicone grease for the CPU, etc.

Some people may say that if you choose an ordinary cooling heatsink, you can still use it for a few years without any problems. If the computer runs slowly, as long as the memory stick and solid-state hard disk are installed, the performance of the computer can also be improved.

In fact, this is a one-sided view and statement. After all, if the heat dissipation of the computer cannot achieve the effect, it is also a very difficult thing to deal with the tasks of various software and hardware programs with high intensity.

In general, the CPU is the computing core and control core of a computer. It must have a matching cooling heatsink system to ensure the stable operation of the CPU and various hardware of the computer, and to ensure that the computer has a continuous and stable operating system. .

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